Group Exercises and Classes

Group exercising can make losing weight a whole lot of fun. Instead of watching an exercise video or working out by yourself, why not join a group exercise class in the 24 Hour Fitness in Austin? The classes are loads of fun, quite diverse, and can help you achieve your fitness goals in no time at all.

So, what are the various group exercise classes offered in the 24 Hour Fitness in Austin? One of the most popular classes is the Zumba class. Latin beat lovers will enjoy shaking their hips while burning some calories. Not only are you set to have some fun, the class uses aerobic fitness interval training. This means that your body gets the toning and sculpting you wish for through the use of slow and fast rhythms throughout the dance.

The 24 Hour Fitness in Austin also offers group cycling, bringing an outdoor experience in the comfort of a gym. Along with your “classmates”, you will experience a challenging workout where you will be faced with hill climbs, flat terrains, tail winds, and head winds. Motivating and energetic music will be pumping on the speakers, keeping you company as you cycle through each challenging phase of the workout. One of the best features of this class is that each session is entirely different. The instructor gets to pick a different terrain each time, setting different goals for each class. 24 Hour Fitness Austin

If you’re afraid of doing injury to your joints through strenuous exercise, the 24 Hour Fitness in Austin has something that’s perfect for you: an Aqua exercise class. This water-based workout will help you tone and sculpt your body without hurting your joints. Water weights and other resistance tools may be used to help you get closer to your fitness goals.

If you’re looking for an exercise class that’s more familiar, the 24 Hour Fitness in Austin also offers a step class. In this class, a step platform is used throughout a series of medium level movement patterns. The execution of movements, the speed, and travel are used to determine the level of intensity of the workout.

For those who want a bit more challenge than what any of the previous classes offer, the 24 Hour Fitness in Austin has one that will make your heart pump and your body sweat: Boot Camp class. This class combines strength training with cardio workouts to give you the challenge you’re looking for. High volume resistance training will help improve your metabolism and endurance. It will also ensure that you give your overall fitness a boost.

There are quite a number of other different group exercises offered in this great gym. All of these classes are specially built to help the gym’s members achieve their fitness goals while having fun with friends. With the variety of classes offered, there’s sure to be something for everyone. And best of all, most of the classes are totally free.

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